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We design custom integrated handling systems for manufacturers in the aerospace, automotive, metals, energy, plastics and more.

Understanding Industry Challenges

In the world of manufacturing, every industry faces its unique set of challenges. Whether it’s the demand for precision, the need to cut costs, or the pursuit of safer workplaces, challenges are inevitable. Understanding specific industry pain points is the first step in implementing automation solutions.

Han-Tek Industry Expertise - Metals Processing

Aerospace leaders face significant manufacturing challenges, including maintaining quality and innovation, navigating complex supply chains, and managing costs while upholding safety standards. These issues are critical in the competitive aerospace sector. Leaders must find solutions to ensure efficient and safe manufacturing processes.

Examples of Aerospace industry solutions:
Han-Tek Industry Expertise - Aerospace

In the automotive industry, leaders grapple with various manufacturing challenges. These include maintaining high-quality standards, adapting to evolving manufacturing technologies, and effectively managing supply chains. Balancing cost-efficiency with safety and performance requirements is also a constant concern. In this competitive sector, automotive leaders must find solutions to excel in manufacturing processes.

Examples of Automotive industry solutions:
Han-Tek Industry Expertise - Automotive

Metal processing industry leaders encounter several challenges handling dangerously heavy and high temperature materials.  Maintaining stringent quality standards, adapting to evolving metal processing technologies, and creating a safe workplace are just a few of the problems automation can help solve.

Examples of Metals Processing industry solutions:
Han-Tek Industry Expertise - Metals Processing

The food & Beverage industry moves products with a wide range of refrigeration and sanitation requirements. These challenges require custom solutions built around the product and production facility to improve order assembly and accuracy, inventory control, product storing, distribution and complete product traceability.

Eamples of Food & Beverage industry solutions:

To industry leaders like General Electric, we’re the leader in developing innovative automation solutions. When process steps call for moving and precisely orienting heavy or awkward parts, Han-Tek engineering shines. We also pride ourselves in our engineering studies, which have led many firms in the heavy equipment industry to solutions they may not have imagined possible – along with substantial gains in productivity and reductions in labor.

Examples of Heavy Equipment solutions:
Han-Tek Industry Expertise - Materials Handling

Han-Tek has been a major player in plastics, especially in the bottling/beverage end of the business, since the early ’90s. We currently work closely with, and have streamlined processes at, many of America’s largest bottling manufacturers. In addition to our SoftDrop technology, our expertise also includes in-line and work cell conveyors.

Examples of Plastics industry solutions:
Han-Tek Industry Expertise - Plastics

Manufacturers that depend on Packaging and Roll-Handling are involved in a wide range of industries.  These services require specific solutions for challenges starting with the receipt of raw materials, to managing work in progress, and storage and inventory of finished goods. This includes the successful handling of corrugate, paper rolls, aluminum rolls, films, raw materials, dies, and more.

Examples of Packaging and Roll-Handling solutions: