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The Service and Support You Need to Keep Your Plant Up and Running

We know how costly downtime can be. Han-Tek provides preventative and emergency maintenance service and support to keep your automation and materials handling systems up and running. Our factory trained, OSHA-certified field service technicians can bring you a comprehensive range of service and support that will keep your systems and your factory operating at peak performance.

Our service and support package goes beyond equipment installation to cover relocation, modification, and upgrade of your equipment; preventive maintenance programs; training of new personnel; access to our full-service parts department—and more.

Han-Tek’s service and support falls into four critical areas:

Field Services
Han-Tek’s preventive maintenance, emergency breakdown, and training and inventory services keep things running and reduce downtime.

Equipment Modifications
Han-Tek will keep existing equipment up to speed with current technologies.

OSHA Inspections
Han-Tek’s OSHA inspections keep your workplace safe and ensure all cranes and hoists are up to federal regulations and codes.

Han-Tek provides the highest level of experience and expertise for installation of factory automation solutions and materials handling solutions.

Han-Tek inspection documentation is made easy with the use of InspectAll inspection software. With the automated documentation from InspectAll, the relevant information is readily available.

  • Embedded photos
  • Accurate historical documentation
  • Asset tracking
  • Compliance with ASME, ANSI, CMAA, and OSHA regulations

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Han-Tek Service and Support

Preventive Maintenance Program

It’s important to guard against downtime and unexpected equipment breakdowns by performing regular maintenance on your materials handling equipment – before something goes wrong.

Han-Tek’s preventive maintenance program, performed by our experienced technicians, will keep your controls, lubrication, wearing surfaces, safety equipment, and other critical parts in top working order, minimizing unplanned outages that can cost your company valuable time.

Combined with our OSHA Safety and Compliance Inspections, preventative maintenance assures that your handling equipment will continue to perform at peak capacity for the long term.

Training Programs

Han-Tek’s on-site training services heighten your operators’ expertise in using the equipment in your materials handling system. Your operators and maintenance staff will gain the knowledge and expertise they need to operate your equipment safely and to maintain it at peak performance. Your team will become more proficient in keeping the line running smoothly and on time, while becoming experts in spotting issues before they become problems. That save you time and money.

  • Han-Tek instructors meet with your operational, safety, and maintenance staff to review topics, discover your areas of concern
  • We design a custom training program specifically tailored to your needs and automation and materials handling systems
  • Train your operators and maintenance personnel on the safe and effective use and servicing of your cranes, hoists, and automation equipment
  • Comprehensive presentation on the operation, controls, maintenance, and safety procedures necessary to run and maintain your equipment properly
  • At the completion of the class, each participant receives a Training Certificate documenting participation

Equipment Inventory and Site Plan

An accurate record of your equipment, its specifications, and location in your plant will help guide your inspection and maintenance programs, while giving you ready access should you need for an internal audit, external (OSHA) inspection, or disaster recovery effort.

Han-Tek experts will:

  • Develop a comprehensive inventory and site plan of your cranes, hoists, slings, chains, hooks, and other materials handling equipment
  • Inventory will include serial and model numbers, manufacturer, drawing numbers, and other related information
  • Equipment that may not have unique identifiers will be labeled and, where applicable, rated and/or load tested to identify the capacity of the equipment

OSHA Safety and Compliance Inspections

Compliance with Occupational Safety and Health Standards Association (OSHA) requirements can be confusing, time-consuming, and intimidating – but every manufacturing facility in the United States must comply or risk citations, charges, or even shutdown. The good news is that regular inspections will keep your system and your people safe, a top priority for every strong and growing business.

Han-Tek’s experienced, factory-trained and OSHA-certified technicians will:

  • Thoroughly inspect your equipment, using our comprehensive checklist, to ensure proper working order, in good repair, and in compliance with OSHA regulations
  • Make necessary adjustments and perform minor repairs, where possible, to save you time and money in the long run
  • We will notify you of any safety concerns or repairs needed that could not be addressed during the inspection
  • You will receive a report on each piece of equipment, detailing the inspectors’ findings and restating any concerns and/or repairs that should be addressed
  • For parts or service recommendations outside the scope of the inspection, Han-Tek will prepare a quote for you, to help you understand the labor and costs involved.
  • A summary document quickly identifies the equipment that was inspected, any actions to be taken, and any other information you specify
  • A copy of the inspection package is retained at Han-Tek for safekeeping, making it available to our technicians so they can answer any questions you may have.

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