Robotic Palletizers

Optimize your operations with a system custom tailored to  your business.

Han-Tek's Unique Approach.

Simplifying the process is at the heart of Han-Tek’s customer focused approach. 

Drawing on decades of experience in designing and engineering custom solutions, we’ve created a standardized robotic palletizer solution that can be adapted based on your specific business case.

Benefits of Robotic Palletizers

#1. Increased Efficiency:
Custom robotic palletizers optimize material handling processes, reducing manual labor and increasing throughput, resulting in higher efficiency and productivity.
#2. Enhanced Precision:
With precise programming and advanced technology, custom robotic palletizers ensure consistent stacking and palletizing, minimizing errors and product damage.
#3. Flexibility and Adaptability:
Custom robotic palletizers can be tailored to accommodate a wide range of product types, sizes, and packaging configurations, providing flexibility to adapt to changing production demands.
#4. Improved Safety:
By automating repetitive and labor-intensive tasks, custom robotic palletizers help reduce the risk of workplace injuries and accidents, creating a safer working environment for employees.
#5. Cost Savings:
Custom robotic palletizers optimize resource utilization, minimize product waste, and reduce downtime, leading to significant cost savings over time. Additionally, increased efficiency and productivity result in faster ROI for your investment in automation.
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Overview of Our Solution

Han-Tek’s palletizing solution features a Fanuc M410iC/110 robot with a maximum payload of 242 pounds and a reach of 94.6 inches. Enclosed within a safety enclosure featuring a locking personnel door, the system ensures operational safety and compliance. It efficiently handles both empty pallets and product placement, utilizing roller conveyors and automated pushers for seamless integration and operation. With a cycle time of up to 20 picks per minute and options for additional features like a pallet dispenser or stretch wrapper, this system delivers optimal performance and flexibility for material handling operations.  This solution can be modified based on your business requirements.

Base Unit Features:

  • Fanuc M410iC/110
    • 4 axis robot
    • 242 lbs. Maximum Payload
    • Floor Mounted
    • 94.6 in. Reach
  • End of arm tool – single product gripper
  •  Two stacking patterns
  • Up to 20 picks per minute


Additional Add-on Features:

  • Stretch wrapper
  • Pallet dispenser
  • Slip sheet dispenser
  • Top sheet dispenser

Required Data to Consider


  • Size (LxWxH)
  • Weight
  • Rate


  • Size (LxWxH)
  • Number of patterns
  • Number of infeed lines
  • Number of pallet lines
  • Slip/Top sheet


  • Orientation
  • Obstacles
  • Floor layout drawing


  • Floor type/ condition
  • High/ low temp
  • Contamination
  • Moisture
  • Available voltage


  • Other equipment
  • Human interaction
  • HMI requirements

Our “Problem. Solved.” Process.

Han-Tek follows a thorough data-driven discovery process which ensures we deliver the best solution and products for the clients’ business purpose and strategy.

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