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Crane Modernizations, Upgrades and New Installations – We’re Up to the Challenge

If you are upgrading or modernizing a legacy system to ensure the highest level of productivity and safety, to the installation of a brand new, state-of-the-art unit, Han-Tek can handle it. Our ISO 9000 certified process ensures your project will be done right, on-time, and on-budget. There is almost nothing our team of engineers cannot do or have not done. Han-Tek training, service, and support ensures you’ll be up and running in no time, with the goal of no downtime.

Han-Tek Material Handling Solutions

5 Tips for Improved Crane Productivity

#1. Plan for Cranes Right from the Start

When you design a new building, or are planning an addition or upgrade to an existing building, it’s easy to overlook the crane system. Too often, buildings are being completed before final design and installation processes of cranes are determined. Early communication and coordination can save you in the long run.

#2. You Don’t Have to Raise the Roof to Lift Your Product

If you have a low ceiling, and you are concerned that you cannot obtain a sufficient hook height, Han-Tek can design a bridge crane that can get the job done. No one can get the hook higher than Han-Tek.

#3. Don’t Limit Yourself to a Couple of Operating Speeds, and Don’t Leave Safety Solely in the Operator’s Hands

Han-Tek’s bridge cranes come with Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) control for all motions, which gives operators the pinpoint control necessary to move large, heavy, yet extremely delicate parts with more ease and eliminate defects or damage to parts. And because Han-Tek cranes come with collision avoidance, you need not worry about operator reaction time to prevent accidents.

#4. Make Sure Your Crane Supplier has a Proven Process in Place

Han-Tek’s ISO procedures require checklists to be completed throughout the entire crane project, so that cranes are complete and ready to go when they’re being put on the truck and shipped out to your facility. ISO procedures eliminate time that would be needed for modifying and debugging the crane in the field during and after installation.

#5. Don’t Get More Crane than You Need

At Han-Tek, we analyze your specific needs and only then recommend a solution right for you. One that ensures the safest, most cost efficient, and best process of lifting and moving your product.