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Crane Modernizations, Upgrades and New Installations – We’re Up to the Challenge

If you are upgrading or modernizing a legacy system to ensure the highest level of productivity and safety, to the installation of a brand new, state-of-the-art unit, Han-Tek can handle it. Our quality management system ensures your project will be done right, on-time, and on-budget. There is almost nothing our team of engineers cannot do or have not done. Han-Tek training, service, and support ensures you’ll be up and running in no time, with the goal of no downtime.

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Han-Tek Material Handling Solutions

No Compromise. Just Confidence.

Cranes are often an after-thought… but they shouldn’t be. Vendors offering out-of-the-box solutions often force you to compromise on your unique requirements in order to get a crane quickly.

At Han-Tek, we don’t want you to compromise. We want you to be confident that Han-Tek can provide design, build, installation, load testing, and commissioning of crane system – whether it’s a modernization or upgrade of your existing system, or an entirely new materials handling system. Han-Tek maintains in-house management, design, fabrication, riggers, and installers that work together to ensure your crane system is completed quickly and efficiently from start to finish – according to your exact specifications. And we’ll stay with you through every phase of the project, ensuring that everything is done to your highest standards.

Han-Tek works closely with the industry’s leading suppliers—our strategic partners—to specify the right components and machine controls and then integrate them with your manufacturing or handling systems. But we don’t stop there. From project management to mechanical and electrical engineering, from computer simulation to fabrication, from installation to service and training, our goal is simple: do whatever it takes to maximize your productivity, reduce bottlenecks, cut costs, and improve worker safety.

Han-Tek Material Handling Solutions - Warehouse Cranes

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Han-Tek Material Handling Solutions

No matter what kind of crane or hoist challenge you have, Han-Tek has been there, seen it, done it. With more than 60 years materials handling experience, Han-Tek has engineered and installed cranes and hoists of all kinds. From under-hung and top-running cranes, to single- or double-girder systems and from runway and monorail systems to monster stacker and charger cranes, semi-gantry, jib units to bridge cranes. From capacities as light as a quarter ton to “the sky’s the limit.”

Custom Cranes

The combination of proven Han-Tek design and engineering expertise and unmatched manufacturing flexibility enables us to build a custom Han-Tek solution to move your business to a whole new level

Han-Tek Material Handling Solutions - Crane Modernizations

Crane Modernizations

Whatever the situation, Han-Tek can help you modernize or upgrade your equipment to like-new standards to ensure the highest level of performance and safety. We can boost your crane’s power and control systems to improve its flexibility and functionality. Han-Tek can also recondition or rebuild virtually any system component, from tracks to spans, gantries to hoists. Once we understand your situation, We do it all in-house to ISO standards, which ensures the highest level of quality and the fastest delivery.

Top-Running Single- and Double-Girder Bridge Cranes

Han-Tek top-running single- and double-girder girder cranes with very low headroom are the smart choice for unlimited spans and capacities. They are extremely versatile, allowing for higher capacity and a wide range of special equipment and service access, for larger spans and capacities.

Under-Running Single- and Double-Girder Bridge Cranes

Han-Tek under-running cranes offer a combination of close headroom and side approach options, and in many cases can be hung from the existing building structure. For longer spans, Han-Tek also offers double- girder cranes. Free-standing and interlocking systems also available.

Furnace Loading Cranes

Han-Tek has specialized in the loading and unloading of large and unwieldly high-temperature furnaces, with temperatures of well over 1,000 degrees in the processing of specialty metals. Products loaded into these furnaces are often very large and unwieldy.

In this case, standard, off-the-shelf cranes and hoists just will not work. Han-Tek has more than a decade of experience in the design, engineering, installation, training, and service of cranes for this highly specialized market.

Workstation Cranes

In production environments, employee health and safety is critical. Han-Tek can analyze your workflow and design a worker-friendly system to help improve safety, efficiency, practicality, and cost effectiveness. Han-Tek can recommend a portfolio of ergonomic materials handling devices that will help improve workplace performance and productivity – utilizing electronic or pneumatic balancing systems, vacuum lifting, or enclosed-track crane systems to carry the loads. Mechanical grippers and lift-and-tilt tables can also be integrated to minimize repetitive-motion injuries.

Crane/Hoist Service and Support

We know how costly equipment downtime can be. Han-Tek provides 24/7 emergency and preventive maintenance service to keep you up and running. Our factory trained, OSHA-certified field-service technicians bring you a comprehensive range of services that will keep your materials handling systems – cranes and hoists – operating at peak performance. Han-Tek can support equipment relocation, modification, and upgrade; preventive maintenance programs; personnel training; access to our full-service parts department; and more.