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It’s more than 60 years of factory automation and materials handling experience – for hundreds of customers seeking the highest level of productivity, efficiency, and safety – that has made Han-Tek one of the industry’s most sought after production partners. Our ability to support Tier 1 and Tier 2 factories and production facilities in aerospace, automotive, metals, energy, heavy equipment and plastics, just to name a few, has established Han-Tek as the “go to” resource for the toughest automation and materials handling.

Han-Tek - Experience to Move You Wherever You Need to Go


Aerospace leaders have looked to Han-Tek for solutions to some of their toughest materials handling problems. Our prime engineering skill is successfully integrating sophisticated production processes that include cranes and hoists, robots, conveyors, AGVs, and complex electrical controls. Our strategic partners include such automation pacesetters as Fanuc and Rockwell Automation.

Han-Tek Industry Expertise - Aerospace


In today’s world of automotive manufacturing, getting the right parts to the right place at the right time is essential. Han-Tek has designed and engineered some of the most reliable just-in-time (JIT) materials handling and sub-assembly processes going. Whether it’s integrating an entire line from start to finish or just upgrading existing processes, our automation solutions have consistently proven themselves. Shift after shift, month after month – we work with Tier 1 and Tier 2 automotive suppliers’ factories and facilities all across North America.

Han-Tek Industry Expertise - Automotive

Metals Processing

We’ve designed, built, and installed sophisticated charging crane, hoist, and automation solutions for the metals industry that were unheard of only a few years ago. Like moving a multi-ton billet, glowing at more than 2500oF, in 360o degrees of rotation in X, Y, and Z axes. Yes, we did that. We’ve also handled large plant modifications and equipment upgrades, loads of DC-to-AC switch overs, and are a leading provider of standard package hoist systems.

Han-Tek Industry Expertise - Metals Processing

Food & Beverage

Han-Tek is a leading provider of automation and material handling solutions for clients across ambient, refrigerated and freezer-based production and distribution environments within the food & beverage industry.  Leveraging this unique understanding, Han-Tek can deliver custom solutions to help improve order assembly/accuracy, inventory control, product storing, distribution and complete product traceability throughout facilities.

How we've helped the Food & Beverage industry:

Our solution raised productivity. And our client’s spirits.

Heavy Equipment

To industry leaders like General Electric, we’re the leader in developing innovative automation solutions. When process steps call for moving and precisely orienting heavy or awkward parts, Han-Tek engineering shines. We also pride ourselves in our engineering studies, which have led many firms in the heavy equipment industry to solutions they may not have imagined possible – along with substantial gains in productivity and reductions in labor.

Han-Tek Industry Expertise - Materials Handling


Han-Tek has been a major player in plastics, especially in the bottling/beverage end of the business, since the early ’90s. We currently work closely with, and have streamlined processes at, many of America’s largest bottling manufacturers. In addition to our SoftDrop technology, our expertise also includes in-line and work cell conveyors.

How we've helped the Pre-Form industry:

Saving space, cutting waste. And keeping the FDA happy.

Han-Tek Industry Expertise - Plastics

Packaging and Roll-Handling

Han-Tek has the experience and expertise to engineer and implement custom solutions for the packaging and roll-handling industries. Han-Tek can provide material handling solutions starting with the receipt of raw materials, to managing work in progress, and storage and inventory of finished goods. This includes the successful handling of corrugate, paper rolls, aluminum rolls, films, raw materials, dies, and more, by integrating AGV’s, ASRS, conveyors, overhead cranes, workstation cranes, and robotic cells.  And it’s all managed with Han-Tek’s integrated WCS software we call InteGreat.