Fanuc Robot
Reliability Services.

Manufacturing facilities rely on Fanuc robots for production.  Preventive maintenance is the recommended solution to avoid down times and expensive repairs.

Keep Your FANUC Robots Up and Running

When your FANUC robots stop so does your facility. Han-Tek provides preventative and emergency maintenance service and support to keep your FANUC robot systems up and running.

Fanuc Robot service and support:

Installation is only the first stage of your realtionship with Han-Tek. You can trust that we’ll keep your system running at it’s best, train your staff on operation and daily maintenance, and provide the inventory you need on site in case of an emergency.

Modernization is critical to getting the most out of your investment. Han-Tek’s in house electrical and mechanical engineers can increase the reliablilty and working life of your equipment by ensuring it’s fitted with the latest available technology.

We offer pre-engineered modernization, logic programming upgrades, equipment relocations and a wide range of custom-engineered solutions.

Our experienced instructors are equipped to train your operators and maintenance personnel on the safe and effective use and servicing of your robots. Onsite training heightens your operators’ expertise in spotting issues before they become problems.

Han-Tek certified and factory trained technicians are available to troubleshoot and repair every facet of your robotic system.

We have an array of spare parts for your team on hand – or within reach.

  • Industry leading availablility and pricing
  • Fast, knowledgeable sourcing
  • OEM parts

Han-Tek inspection documentation is made easy with the use of InspectAll inspection software. With the automated documentation from InspectAll, the relevant information is readily available.

  • Embedded photos
  • Accurate historical documentation
  • Asset tracking
  • Compliance with ASME, ANSI, CMAA, and OSHA regulations

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Fanuc Robot Service and Support

FANUC Robot Preventive Maintenance

Our highly skilled and certified FANUC Robot technicians can help you fix any FANUC robot issues, but it is more beneficial to avoid the issues by keeping up with preventive maintenance.

Preventing downtime is our goal. We achieve this by:

  • Perfroming a full inspection of the robot.
  • Lubricating all moving parts.
  • Complete cleaning on the controller.
  • Performing voltage checks.
  • Test and calibrate the robot for repeatability