Package Cranes and Hoists

Optimizing your material handling operations starts with finding the right equipment.

Simplifying Material Handling.

With over 50 years of experience in the industry, Han-Tek is committed to delivering reliable, efficient, and custom solutions tailored to meet our customer’s unique needs.

Han-Tek makes optimizing your material handling operations a simple process.  We offer a full spectrum of services including designing, installing, maintaining and repairing custom overhead cranes, gantry cranes, jib cranes, electric chain hoists, wire rope hoist and other material handling equipment.    

Choosing The Right Equipment

Cranes and hoists come in a variety of styles and models specifically designed for specialized material handling applications.  Choosing the right equipment for your specific needs can be challenging, our experts are available to help you through the process. 

Overhead Cranes

Customizable configurations designed around your facility for heavy-duty lifting and precise positioning, overhead cranes offer unmatched durability and efficiency. 

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Gantry Cranes

Ideal for outdoor applications or areas with limited headroom, our gantry cranes offer flexibility and mobility for various material handling tasks.

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Jib Cranes

Compact and versatile, our jib cranes are perfect for localized lifting and positioning tasks, providing efficient material handling solutions for specific work areas.

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Electric Chain Hoists

Reliable and durable, our electric chain hoists are designed for smooth and efficient vertical lifting of heavy loads in various industrial settings.

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Wire Rope Hoists

Powerful and reliable, our wire rope hoists are capable of lifting and moving heavy loads with ease, making them ideal for demanding material handling applications.

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Air Chain Hoists

With effortless operation and robust construction, air chain hoists provide optimal lifting solutions for your material handling needs.

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Immediate Benefits

#1. Increased Efficiency:
Cranes and hoists streamline material handling tasks, reducing manual labor and increasing productivity by lifting and moving heavy loads with ease and precision.
#2. Enhanced Safety:
By automating lifting and positioning tasks, cranes and hoists help minimize the risk of workplace accidents and injuries associated with manual handling, creating a safer working environment for employees.
#3. Versatility and Flexibilityy:
With various types and configurations available, cranes and hoists offer versatile solutions for a wide range of material handling applications, adapting to different work environments and tasks.
#4. Space Optimization:
Cranes and hoists utilize vertical space efficiently, allowing for optimal utilization of floor space and maximizing storage capacity in warehouses and manufacturing facilities.
#5. Cost Savings:
By improving efficiency, reducing labor costs, and minimizing product damage, cranes and hoists help optimize operational costs and deliver a faster return on investment for your material handling equipment.
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Our “Problem. Solved.” Process.

Han-Tek follows a thorough data-driven discovery process which ensures we deliver the best solution and products for the clients’ business purpose and strategy.

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