ISO Certification

Our ISO certification.
Your assurance of quality.

An ISO 9001:2015-registered firm must pass strict internal and external audits annually and are re-certified every three years. Few firms in our industry have earned this prestigious certification.

What does this mean for our customers? We have better quality measures in place at every stage, with metrics that track all jobs from design through delivery. We are able to create more accurate timelines—so promises made are promises kept. And, we are meeting tighter, more effective purchasing and inventory requirements. Our dedication to continuous improvement translates into value for our customers.

Invite Han-Tek to solve your next materials handling, automation, or machine control challenge, and you are automatically assured of the industry’s highest standards for product quality, reliability, and service—as defined by the world’s most respected compliance organization. That is what ISO 9001:2015 registration is all about.