Case Study

These two robots love working 24/7

Their Challenge:

  • In a plant that made spline shafts for truck and SUV transfer cases, operators were loading and unloading the spline-rolling machines manually.


  • Laborers loaded and unloaded the machines at varying rates.
  • Bins filled with splines—in various stages of completion—had to be moved from one machine to the next, a slow process requiring manual labor and use of fork trucks.
  • Spline rolling ceased whenever operators took breaks.

Our Solution:

  • Design, build, and install a Dual-Robotic, Multi-Machine Loading System that could automatically move parts into and out of three machines thus eliminating the need for two of the three laborers required for an all-manual operation.

The Results:

  • Significant labor savings. They were able to have its spline-rolling operation handled by one person, not three as before.
  • Increased throughput.Our Robotic Multi-Machine Loading solution processes one spline every 18 seconds, much faster than the customer required.
  • Advanced safety features. During maintenance periods, robots move to a safe, stopped position. Special fencing further promotes safety.
  • Automatic error recovery. After any system shutdown, the robots can be restarted from where they left off rather than returning to the beginning of an operation.
  • Greater efficiency. Our custom software integrates all robot and conveyor movements for vastly improved workflow.
  • Uninterrupted production. Our conveyor system can accumulate parts at both ends of the production line, moving splines in and out of machines even when the operator is on break.

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