Case Study

Saving space, cutting waste. And keeping the FDA happy.

Their Challenge:

  • Provide a durable, low-maintenance conveyor system to handle PET preforms that would require fewer operators, achieve greater efficiency and product quality, reduce waste, and meet U.S. Food and Drug Administration specs regulating surfaces.
  • Address inefficiencies and related problems in their injection-molding process.
  • Deliver an ROI of just 12 months.


Our Solution:

  • Design and build a durable, low-maintenance overhead in-line conveyor system that could transport preforms directly from injection molding to blow molding at a programmable speed for optimal, consistent cooling.
  • Install a separate but integrated Gaylord-Filling Cell Conveyor that would activate as needed to absorb excess preforms, allowing injection molding and tracking of preforms to continue uninterrupted, even if problems develop in blow molding.
  • Provide customized, operator-friendly controls that perform a variety of useful functions.
  • Ensure that all surfaces comply with FDA regulations for handling food/drink packaging.
  • Run the conveyor overhead to save valuable space on the factory floor.

The Results:

  • Our in-line conveyor solution minimized product handling and marring and reduced labor costs by decreasing the need for operators to attend gaylords and forklift drivers to transport them.
  • Our in-line conveyor solution greatly reduced product scuffing, and any injection-molding defects could be detected promptly, reducing waste.
  • This conveyor system reduced the need for forklift operators by 70%, saving nearly $500,000 annually.
  • The customer achieved a total ROI within 12 months.

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