Case Study

Repurposing saved the day. And a ton of time and money.

Their Challenge:

  • Our customer wanted to run a new part through an existing line. To repurpose the equipment for a new part required reprogramming robots, equipment, and inspection stations—and the installation of new conveyors.
  • The process included six CNC lathes and six gauging stations to produce seven different axle configurations.


Our Solution:

  • We took a snapshot of the programming in the equipment in order to simulate the new operations at Han-Tek. This enabled the customer to keep production at present levels while changes were being engineered and reprogrammed.
  • Han-Tek created the system and managed the entire project, coordinating all third-party suppliers.
  • The system included an interface that records production information and the capability for manual control of the entire system.

The Results:

  • Production was able to start within one week, allowing for far less downtime than usual for new part startups.
  • A 50% reduction in total costs was realized from the automation improvements at this plant.

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