Case Study

Our solution raised productivity. And our client’s spirits.

Their Challenge:

  • The company wanted to upgrade their depalletizing process from a mainly manual method to an automated system.
  • Their goals were to reduce labor, box and bottle damage while increasing productivity, and profit from a quick ROI.


Our Solution:

  • Design a new infeed conveyor that would advance each stack of boxes smoothly and safely.
  • Provide a robot that could pick up an entire level of cases at one time and deposit them quickly yet gently onto the layer-separator conveyors.
  • Install a box-turning system that would ensure that all different kinds and sizes of boxes would be oriented the same way for more efficient bottle filling.
  • Put in a belt incline conveyor to move the boxes to the production level.

The Results:

  • The new depalletizing system reduced the manpower from six people per shift to just two.
  • This enabled the company to relocate those people and avoid having to make as many new hires.
  • Production capacity went up markedly and product damage dropped significantly.
  • Bottlenecks were eliminated and product workflow became smooth and easy.
  • The company was so pleased after the first installation that they quickly moved to have the same system installed in three more locations.

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