Case Study

Our “no hands” solution got a big round of applause.

Their Challenge:

  • Provide a complete conveyor system to support a series of AGVs to transport plastic parts from production machines to a shipping area.
  • The plant floor is a “lights-out” facility; there would be no operators except at the end of the conveyor line in Shipping.
  • Totally integrate the conveyor system, mechanical and electrically, to the AGVs.


Our Solution:

  • Provide a complete turnkey conveyor system that includes all mechanical and electrical equipment and the system engineering that makes it highly efficient and able to run without human intervention.
  • Enable effective interfacing with legacy AGV systems.
  • Install everything and ensure the system exceeds expectations.

The Results:

  • Plant was up and running on time.
  • There will be a significant cost savings over the years thanks to the small labor force needed.

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