Case Study

Our new charging crane is racking up red-hot productivity numbers.

Their Challenge:

  • Make a major plant modification that would double production capacity.
  • Design a crane that could use existing peals (end-of-arm tooling and gripper).
  • Engineer a crane that must function in a very harsh environment (furnace temperatures up to 2500o) and move a 20-ft.long object in a 360o range of motion.
  • Keep the plant operational during installation of the new crane.
  • Do it all within 12 months and within budget.


Our Solution:

  • Engineer, design, and install a sophisticated stacker crane—CMAA Class F, 65-ft. span, 12-ton capacity—that would use the latest technology (AC).
  • New AC crane would use the same tools as the old DC one; common spare parts would make maintenance easier, less costly.
  • Develop an innovative “point-and-shoot” control system that would allow for very precise and continuous 360o movement—and enhance operator safety.
  • Design an optional operator user interface that would make future system enhancements easier.
  • Create a collision avoidance system, using lasers around the crane, to promote greater worker safety.

The Results:

  • Greater production efficiency, doubled plant capacity, reduced downtime.
  • Operator-friendly controls improved safety and enabled higher speeds when moving huge ingots to and from furnaces.
  • Budget and deadline goals were met; the entire installation, from rigging to commissioning, took less than two weeks.

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