Case Study

Design, build, modify. And conquer all objectives.

Their Challenge:

  • To increase production in an aerospace heat-treating area with the loading/unloading of parts from a furnace to a quench station.
  • To meet critical timing and tight tolerances: 16 seconds to move 50 feet with great precision and accuracy.
  • To feed furnaces on both sides of a cell, rotate parts 360⁰ to access different locations, all the while providing consistent cooling time in the tank.


Our Solution:

  • Design and build an overhead stacker crane to work with an existing runway for this new production cell.
  • Provide sophisticated control system to meet cycle times—with four servo-controlled motions—allowing for increased speed, greater accuracy.
  • Interface with their overhead control system for furnaces.
  • Develop tracking software to monitor production times for modifications.

The Results:

  • They saw increased production and improved quality of parts with a totally automated system.
  • Their new control system was user-friendly and accurate.
  • The entire operation met all safety requirements.

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