Robotic Automation | Materials Handling Design Engineers | Rochester, NY and High Point, NC Robotic Automation | Materials Handling Design Engineers | Rochester, NY and High Point, NC

Put robotics to work
and speed up everything. ROI included.

Looking to add greater efficiency to your line? Want to cut personnel hazards like repetitive motion injuries? Maybe your factory is up for a robotic solution. Done right, robotics can turn inefficient, wasteful, labor-intensive operations into smooth, uninterrupted, cost-effective performance. What’s more, robots can virtually eliminate downtime, and they can often pay their own way in as little as 12 months.

Our trusted strategic partners include industry leaders like Fanuc Robotics, Kuka Robotics, and Rockwell Automation. Together we bring the most reliable robotic components to every materials handling solution we engineer. Want added value? We fully integrate the robots and machine controls with user-friendly software to ensure the solution will optimize your product movement needs. The result? A time-saving, cost-effective automated line that you’ll wonder how you ever did without. To learn more contact us at

To us, “systems integration”
are more than just buzz words.

Han-Tek has years of machine control technology and field experience —and we put that to work in virtually every factory automation solution we develop. For even more bang for your buck, we only work with strategic partners that make proven components of the highest standard.

How can you achieve all this?

An engineering study is a good first step. It can help you identify your materials handling problems, develop sound solutions, and provide an engineering drawing that clearly maps out those improvements and how much they’ll positively impact your bottom line. Contact our Solutions Group at