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Now handling preforms
has less operator intervention.

Han-Tek preform handling conveyor solutions are engineered to deliver the goods like never before—faster, more efficiently, and at less cost than old-school conveyors. Take our Work Cell Conveyor™. It can fill multiple gaylords at a time, greatly minimizing scuffing and product damage. And it enables one operator to service multiple injection molding machines simultaneously, greatly reducing lift truck traffic.

With our In-line Conveyors™, your preforms can go directly from injection molding to blow molding, bypassing gaylords. So you can forget manual handling, fork truck operators, and dedicating space for storage. Han-Tek can also design, build, and install an overhead system for preform handling that makes more efficient use of your vertical space—and frees up floor space for AGVs and other materials handling solutions.   

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Preform handling conveyor solutions

Over 200 of these units are currently installed throughout the U.S., Mexico, and Canada. Watch our video on this unique system.