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Decrease preform scuffing, damage, and leveling.

Han-Tek solutions can help increase profits by measurably descreasing defects and discards. The patented Soft Drop® is the result of over 10 years of customer requests. This demand-driven innovative system will bring faster, more efficient production with a quick return on investment.

Soft Drop® virtually eliminates drop scuffing and preform damage by carefully lowering product into a gaylord without vertical-drop damage and creating even load distribution by utilizing a unique rotating chute.

Expanding your line

Han-Tek Soft Drop can be integrated with most existing gaylord filling cells. Soft Drop helps to:

  1. Move products quickly with minimal damage
  2. Eliminate manual gaylord leveling
  3. Modular design interfaces with single or multiple gaylord fill stations
  4. Increase line quality and throughput


Soft Drop provides all of the time and money-saving features needed to improve your preform handling performance.

Want to see more, click here to view our video on Soft Drop and here to review the brochure.

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Han-Tek Soft Drop

Some of the top preform manufacturers in the U.S. are using the Soft Drop solution to improve product quality. Click here to watch the video.

Ready to give your productivity a boost? Contact our Solutions Group at